St. Pius X Primary School

St Pius X School, Melville

General Information

Driveway Safety

As per our Safety Policy no vehicles are permitted to use the school driveway.  The exceptions will be staff cars, emergency vehicles and service vehicles.


In the event of an accident to a pupil the teacher will act as a wise parent in ensuring that proper and adequate attention is given.  Parents will be advised as soon as possible and if the teacher is doubtful as to the nature of the injury, medical advice will be sought.


If a child becomes ill at school, the parents will be contacted so that the child can be taken home and receive the care and attention that is necessary.  Allergies such as bee stings and any medical conditions are noted in the accident book.  If you child needs medication for an allergy or illness, please send the medication to school clearly labeled with a note, your child's name and dosage.

Contact Numbers

It is really important to keep your contact numbers up to date with the office 

Reporting to Parents

The school provides opportunity for two parent interviews per year. One towards the end of term one or the beginning of Term 2  and one early Term 3. There will be two written reports mid-year and end of the year.

The teachers encourage you to contact them for an appointment if you have any concerns regarding your child.  Before school, teachers are usually very busy preparing for the day and lengthy interviews are difficult.  Teachers are usually available down the drive after school and this is a good time to catch them if you require a brief chat.  Teachers will make time for you.

From past experience we know that when parents and teachers work together everyone wins.

Religious Education Programme

We teach the official programme approved by the NZ Catholic Bishops Conference.  Each unit is explained fully in the Parent Booklet that is available from the School office.

Each term begins and ends with a School mass on the Tuesday at 9.00am and parents are encouraged to join us.  Children attend class Masses throughout the term and reconciliation is available during Lent. Senior students attend the Sacrament of the sick to support our elderly parishioners. A chapter of the St Vincent de Paul society operates within the school, known as Young Vinnies

We welcome parent participation in the Christian life of our school, through liturgies, parent evenings, and other activities, as the spiritual development of our children is of number one priority in our school community.


Homework is given out by all teachers but the work content will vary between classes. The school expects that all homework will be completed and handed in on time for marking.


All the pupils use the School Library and parents should also encourage their children to join the  Public Library.  The children are expected to care for library books and to return them promptly.

Leaving the Grounds

Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours.  Parents picking up children during school hours must inform the classroom teacher before doing so.  This helps us to monitor your child's safety.


Lunches may be ordered through the school  Fridays. or online anyday.

Parents are reminded that a healthy lunch is a requirement if the children are to learn well.  Artificial flavourings and high sugar content in foods can cause hyperactivity and difficulty in concentrating. 


Any money sent to school with children for payment of an item needs to come in a well named and sealed envelope.

Personal Property

We ask children not to bring toys and playthings to school as they cause distraction and are easily broken.  Toys brought to school are the responsibility of the child.

Mobile Telephones

We strongly discourage mobile telephones at school. If your child must have a mobile phone then we ask that it stays in your child's bag and is turned off all day. The teachers will confiscate your child's mobile phone if they see or hear it at school. It will be returned at days end but the best solution of all is to not have one in the first place. If students need to ring parents then the school has a telephone.