St. Pius X Primary School

St Pius X School, Melville

How to Enrol at our school

Enrolment inquiries are taken at the school office Phone 07 843 6554 or email an appointment to meet with the Principal can be arranged through the school secretary.

A preference card is required from the Catholic Priest 07 843 5335  or Preference Committee 078437950 . 

There are five preference Criteria:

5.1 Baptism or being prepared for baptism in the Catholic Church. 

5.2 When a sibling is baptised. 

5.3 When a parents/guardian is Catholic. 

5.4 With the agreement of the child's parent/legal guardian, a significant familial adult such as grandparent, aunt or uncle who is actively involved in the child's upbringing undertakes to support the child's formation in the faith and practices of the Catholic Church.

5.5 One or both of a child's non-Catholic parents/guardian is preparing to become a Catholic.

On enrolment, a copy of your child's birth certificate, immunisation certificate and, if your child was not born in NZ, your passport and immigration status must be sighted for the school's and Ministry of Education records. They will be photocopied and returned to you.