St. Pius X Primary School

St Pius X School, Melville

Protecting the Physical and Emotional Health of children

The School Discipline System

Students are encouraged to be thoughtful of others through their own actions and choices. The school has a strong and consistent behaviour procedure for both classroom and the playground to help students become good citizens.

In the classroom

Class rules are worked on together at the start of each year based on the values and key competencies that are found in the school's curriculum document and the following ideas.

  1. I use my hands, feet mouth and objects the right way
  2. I raise my hand and wait to be acknowledged before I speak.
  3. I follow instructions the first time they are given
  4. I respect myself and others
  5. I respect my own and others property

The following is the school discipline system developed to manage unacceptable behaviour

These steps should be preceded by a general warning or clear instructions for what is expected behaviour.

Initials written on the Board: First warning

  1. One tick: Second warning
  2. Two ticks: The students is given time to consider their behaviour in a designated thinking space
  3. Three ticks: The student will work in another classroom
  4. Four Ticks: The student will be sent to the Principal.

Persistent unacceptable behaviour will result in the parents being inform and the students missing out on the class incentive day.

NB: Serious and unsafe behaviour will be acted on immediately by the Principal or a delegate in his or her absence.

Playground Behaviour Management Procedures

Based on the school rules the playground is managed using Time Out and the giving of positive consequences.

Time Out is to manage serious misbehaviours such as dishonesty, high level inappropriate language, non-compliance with teachers instruction, bullying, violence,defiance, going out of bounds. 

Other behaviours will either be dealt with by the duty teacher or the students concerned could be sent to the DP or principal

Timeout runs for fifteen minutes during the school's  lunchtime.

Incentive trips

The incentive trips are offered to all children who have worked towards the commonly set goals for that particular class.

The purpose of the Incentive days is to have students aware of the positive consequences of good behaviour.

Should a student earn four time outs they will miss out on the incentive day. However depending on the behaviour students are given the opportunity to earn back their incentive day by meeting with the principal and deciding on the criteria that they will have to meet to be able to take part in the day.

Parents will be informed if a child doesn't meet the criteria.