St. Pius X Primary School

St Pius X School, Melville



Please read all provided information carefully. St Pius X takes no responsibility for misinformation on the part of agents and or representatives retained by or on behalf of the student.


Not all information provided within the School Prospectus is applicable to International Students studying at St Pius X School.


St Pius X will not be liable for any situation, accident or injury involving or affecting the student. Medical insurance must be adequate to cover any arising situation.


All students are required to abide by New Zealand laws, regulations and rules during their stay in New Zealand.


Should any dispute arise as to any matter involving the International Student Programme at St Pius X Primary School, such disputes will be subject to New Zealand Law and New Zealand Courts are to have jurisdiction.


In an event of any dispute arising the only documents to be considered in such a dispute are to be the English translation.


The terms and conditions in this document and related policy and guidelines pertaining to the International Student Programme and the Code of Practise for International Student will be reviewed on an ongoing basis throughout the year and formally amended annually. This will be undertaken by the school Principal.


Recommendations will be presented to the St Pius X School Board of Trustees for approval.


All St. Pius X School policies are available for viewing on request through the school office.