St. Pius X Primary School

St Pius X School, Melville



Application for a student to study at St Pius X School can be  made through the School office.

Telephone the school first, make an appointment to see Mrs Bankier-Perry and she will meet you and guide you through the enrolment process.

The telephone number is 064 07 8436554.

Mrs Bankier-Perry's e-mail is

 The application must be signed by the parents / legal guardian of the student applying  and accompanied with copies of students and parents passport details. Please bring your passports with you.

 Approval of the application will be provided in writing and given to the parents or designated caregiver. A copy will be provided for New Zealand Immigration. You then take the copy of our acceptance to  the New Zealand immigration office in the city. They will then approve your visa to study as an International Student in New Zealand.

Prior to acceptance of placement and payment of fees, parents are required to be familiar with the terms and conditions in this handbook. If you have any questions then please ask Mrs Bankier-Perry at your interview.

IMPORTANT: Payment of fees will be viewed as acceptance of all terms and conditions pertaining to the student studying at St Pius X School, Hamilton. A receipt will be issued for the tuition fees. Presentation of this receipt is required by New Zealand Immigration


Payment of all fees must be made in full at the time of enrolment.

All other initial costs will be invoiced separately. The amount of this invoice can be added to the cost of the tuition fees and paid in full in terms of the placement letter.

 Evidence of Medical Insurance Policy and passport is required to be sighted by the school office and verified copies will be taken and held.

Any changes to current situation or contact details are to be advised to the school office immediately.