St. Pius X Primary School

St Pius X School, Melville



St. Pius X School requires that international students under 11 years of age live with the parent(s) / designated guardian(s) (proof of legal guardianship and immigration status must be supplied).

Students aged 11 and 12  may live with designated caregivers with the permission of the Coordinator of International Students.

If your 11 or 12 year old is going to stay with a designated caregiver while in New Zealand our Coordinator of international students will visit the house regularly to make sure that your child is being properly looked after. If we consider the accommodation unsafe for your child we will take very swift action to protect them. This could include the removal of your child from the house.

Please discuss your accommodation arrangements with Mrs Bankier-Perry prior to leaving for New Zealand.

Mrs Bankier-Perry can be e-mailed at abankierperry@stpius,school.NZ