St. Pius X Primary School

St Pius X School, Melville



International students who require disciplinary action during school will be done so under the jurisdiction of school policy. If further action is required it will be implemented as stipulated in "The Code of Practice" part 5: Students under 18, section 15.4.


At any time deemed necessary by the school the student's' parents will be contacted directly to discuss issues related to student conduct and/or welfare.


Student's welfare during school times are subject to the terms and conditions relevant to all students attending St Pius X school, and are determined by policy pertaining to the operation of the school.


St Pius X School retains the right to terminate any contracts entered into pertaining to the student studying at their school. This could result if the student is considered not to be making progress or is deemed in need of special educational services, to assist with mainstream learning over that currently offered by the programme. If required an independent assessment will be undertaken at the cost of the applicant which will be deducted prior to any reimbursement of school fees.