St. Pius X Primary School

St Pius X School, Melville



Students can approach any member of the St Pius X staff for assistance with any issue they have at any time during school hours.


The Co-coordinator of International Students or a representative is available at all times during and outside of school hours, for the student to approach or contact with any issues they have.

An interpreter can be arranged to assist with addressing any arising issues. Students may request an interpreter and one will be provided at an agreed time.


Students may be invited to attend an informal meeting with a member of their own community as arranged by the School. Students may be invited to discuss any issues they may have at this time and information from this meeting will be used to monitor the students welfare and progress.


If there is a formal complaint against the operation of the School, the IEAA adjudicates on complaints from International Students. The IEAA will investigate complaints and determine if there has been a breach of the "Code". Contact details for IEAA are:


International Education Appeal Authority

C/o Ministry of Education

P.O. Box 1666


New Zealand.