St. Pius X Primary School

St Pius X School, Melville


Dear Applicant,

 Thank you for your interest in the St. Pius International Student Programme. The Board of Trustees has decided that a small number of International Students will be enrolled at our school each year, under the following terms:


  1. All our International Students will live at home with a parent, legal guardian or designated caregiver. Proof of legal guardianship will be required at enrolment time.
  2. Students usually enrol for a year at a time. However we may accept short term enrolments.
  3. Responsibility for accommodation rests with the parents or legal guardians. Our co-ordinator of International Students will visit the homes of legal guardians regularly.
  4. Please read the Handbook carefully. Please note that we are required to sight the following documents from you at enrolment. a) All passports, b) Visitors permits and c) Evidence that you are a baptised Catholic.
  5. All payments to the school must be made at enrolment and by cheque or direct credit.
  6.  In addition, please carefully read Page 7 – Conditions of Study. You are required to have your own Health, Medical, Travel and Personal Insurance. We may be able to refer an insurance company to you.


If you have any questions or concerns, please E-Mail me at

 Best of Luck,

 Ann Bankier-Perry