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Values and Virtues of the Characters. V V C




Virtue or value

              Evidence-tell me why                                           


























1)          Read the story first. As you read, think about the characters and what makes them do the things that they do. What values or virtues drive them? What makes them make their decision

2)          When you have finished reading the story, copy the table above then write the name of the main character first.

3)          Read the list below and choose a value or virtue that your character has. Write it down in the values/virtues column.

4)          Tell me why the character has that virtue or character.

5)          Find two other characters in the story and tell me about their virtues or values as well


A list of good virtues or values.

1) Courage 2) reliability 3) self-control 4) perseverance 5) hope 6) tidiness 7) peacemaking 8) forgiveness 9) gratitude 10) good planning 11) manners 12) caring

13) Responsibility 14) sense of adventure 15) honesty 16) fairness 17) loyalty 18) faith 19) love 20) happiness 21) humbleness 22) service to others 23) respect 24) hard working 25) Support 26) friendship 27) helpful 28) positive 29) constructive 30)humour


A list of bad values and virtues.


1) Cowardice 2) unreliability 3) indiscipline 4) gives up easily 5) Despair 6) untidiness

7)Violence 8)revenge 9)selfishness 10)disorganization 11)rudeness 12)careless 13)irresponsibility 14)boring 15)dishonesty 16)unfairness 17)disloyalty 18)cynical 19) hate 20) Misery 21) arrogance 22) greed 23) disrespect 24) lazy 25) undermining 26) unsupportive 27) Lies 28) unhelpful 29) destructive 30) negative 31)humourless